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One-stop e-commerce solution encompassing sales channel management, fulfilment, and last-mile delivery cultivated a strong relationship between ORBIS and J&T Express Singapore.


ORBIS is a Japanese skincare brand that takes a minimalist approach to cosmetics. Its skincare products are best known for being scientifically and research-backed, comfortable and easy to use, and free of oil, fragrance and artificial colour distributed by AIC Singapore.

Back in 2019, ORBIS was looking to increase both sales and traffic to its e-commerce marketplaces and reduce delivery time to customers. On the lookout for a provider that could offer a comprehensive suite of offerings, ORBIS engaged J&T Express Singapore in 2019 to support them in their sales channel management, fulfilment and last-mile delivery activities in the country.


A one-stop e-commerce solutions provider

Engaging a one-stop provider to support e-commerce and logistics needs has allowed ORBIS to focus its energy on building core business activities. A single point of contact to manage its sales channel management, fulfilment and last-mile delivery service has also made for a smoother, more efficient logistics process for the brand.


Malcolm Lim of ORBIS’ digital marketing team says, “Using a single, specialised e-commerce logistics vendor makes it convenient for us when we need to quickly resolve issues or consult the team for advice. It saves us the time of having to contact multiple providers to resolve a single issue.”


With a one-stop e-commerce provider, ORBIS can enjoy an integrated solution that helps them to enjoy significant economies of scale. With the same fulfilment and last-mile delivery provider, orders can be processed and delivered faster to the customer.


Efficient and dedicated account management team

The working relationship between ORBIS and J&T Express Singapore has only strengthened over time. Leveraging instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp have helped both parties facilitate quick and responsive communication and allowed J&T Express Singapore to provide timely support.


ORBIS is serviced by an account manager who fields all communication and requests with J&T Express Singapore’s internal stakeholders and supported by a team of seller support. Furthermore, they work closely with a dedicated specialist on their sales channel management efforts.


Malcolm says, “What sets J&T Express Singapore apart is that they are always reinventing their service offerings to improve overall customer satisfaction. The account team is quick to update us on any issues on their end and find solutions to work around the problem.”


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Improved sales performance and customer satisfaction

Leveraging J&T Express’ sales channel management capabilities, J&T Express liaises directly with e-commerce marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada to ensure their team is kept up to date on ORBIS’ online promotional campaigns. Through offering expert advice and assistance from the J&T Express team, ORBIS has successfully penetrated its offerings on e-commerce marketplaces and gained greater traction on these platforms.


A successful e-commerce business requires a great understanding of the local market and the nature of the different channels and platforms available. Recognising J&T Express’ expertise, Malcolm says, “We can rely on J&T Express Singapore when it comes to optimising our online sales and marketing efforts. Being experts in managing e-commerce sales for their customers, we can rely on their advice to improve our offerings and promotions. The team helps us to solve problems holistically and they are fully invested in helping to grow our business by offering solutions to drive customer engagement.”


Since the commencement of the relationship, ORBIS has seen sales generated from e-commerce marketplaces grow by over 50%. Furthermore, Malcolm shares that they have also seen a decrease in customer complaints on missing or delayed deliveries as J&T Express continues to roll out new service offerings and take action on customers’ feedback.


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