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Drop off and Self collect at J&T Points

Super flexible and a super reliable way to deliver your parcels.


Things You Can Do at a J&T Point

Multiple Delivery Options Available

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Drop off at any J&T points during working hours at your own availability, for parcels ≤ to 30 kg, with dimensions (L+W+H) < 300cm, and any side < 150cm.



Return your parcels

Return parcels can now be dropped off at all J&T Points. Kindly ensure that return parcels are packed according to our Packaging Guidelines.


Locate a J&T Point

More J&T Points will be open soon!



Flexible, Reliable, Affordable

Drop off and self collect your parcels at a J&T Point


Drop off parcels

Enjoy greater peace of mind for pickup by choosing a J&T Point to drop off nearby at your own convenience. Track and trace the parcel in real-time with full visibility.

  • Parcel weight: up to 30 kg
  • Cumulative cubic dimension: up to 300 cm (Length + Width + Height)
  • Any side of the parcel: up to 150cm (which is roughly the size of a shoebox or A4-A3 sized poly mailer)

Update: Shopee sellers can choose to drop off at any J&T Points now. Click here to find out more.

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Return Parcels

Giving your customers a secure and hassle-free way to send back their items can go a long way. Return parcels are allowed to drop off at any J&T Point. 


Kindly note that the J&T Point service is currently available for our VIP customers and will open to more merchants soon. Please carefully read and review the Terms and Conditions before using the Service. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to Contact Us


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