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Efficient and reliable delivery services lay the foundations of the positive partnership between BooksActually and J&T Express Singapore.


BooksActually is a local independent bookstore specialising in Fiction and Literature that houses the largest collection of Singapore literary publications including some out-of-print titles. Founded in 2005 by Kenny Leck, BooksActually maintained both a physical and online retail presence in Singapore for close to 15 years before deciding to operate mainly online from August 2020.


As part of the brand’s growth strategy to serve customers not just in Singapore but also within the region and internationally, Kenny was on the hunt for a reliable third-party logistics provider so that they can expand the business in the region without worrying about last-mile delivery to their customers. Kenny founded his way to J&T Express Singapore at the start of 2020, engaging the team as the brand’s third-party logistics provider supporting both domestic and international deliveries.


Comprehensive logistics network in Southeast Asia

 The success of the partnership with BooksActually is the result of J&T Express’ reliable and comprehensive logistics network as well as the meticulous handling of parcels to ensure that the books are delivered safely.


Kenny said, “J&T Express has been perfect for us locally in Singapore, and they have done really well for our regional deliveries, especially in their homegrown country, Jakarta, Indonesia.” He also mentioned that before partnering with J&T Express, they have worked with other logistics providers, but none of them was as careful in the way they handle the parcels as J&T Express to ensure that the books were delivered safely and in good condition.


Integration with Shopify

 As a tech-driven company, J&T Express has integrated with BooksActually’s back-end system, Shopify, to provide a seamless experience. Shipping order with the shipping label is automatically created when an order comes in, which has helped to save time and avoid errors.


In the next 12 to 24 months, Kenny said he would look to explore more automation solutions with J&T Express to support the growth of their business regionally.

BooksActually has both cats and books -- what's not to like? Photo: Chua Hong Yin / TODAY

Photo Credits: Today Online


A responsive account team as a partner

 The responsiveness and receptiveness to the feedback of the dedicated account manager and seller support team also helped to strengthen the partnership between the two companies. Kenny added, “The team at J&T Express has done very well in terms of responsiveness, and they are also very open to ideas and explore different solutions for our business.” Kenny felt that he can always rely on the team to respond quickly to any issues that they cannot solve.


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