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By Invite Only



Efficient and reliable delivery services lay the foundations of the positive partnership between By Invite Only and J&T Express Singapore.

By Invite Only is a local jewellery brand that pride themselves in producing quality, affordable “jewellery for every occasion, every invite”. Founded in 2009 by CEO Trixie Khong, By Invite Only maintains both a physical and online retail presence in Singapore. As part of their growth strategy, the brand was planning to expand its reach to the region. This set Khong on the hunt for a third-party logistics provider that was able to not only continue supporting both the existing business in Singapore, but also allow the brand to deliver their products to customers around the region. Khong eventually found her way to J&T Express Singapore in early 2018, engaging the team as the brand’s third-party logistics provider supporting both domestic and international deliveries.


A responsive account team that acts quickly on feedback

The success of the partnership with By Invite Only is the result of J&T Express’ operational efficiency and reliability. Both the responsiveness and receptiveness to feedback of the account managers has helped to strengthen the partnership between the two companies.

Khong says, “Since the start of our partnership, the account managers at J&T Express have been quick to respond to our feedback and take rapid action on any outstanding issues. As a result, we have seen improvements in the overall service quality. This reinforces their commitment to provide customers with a positive experience.”



Greater confidence in delivery service generates higher sales

Having a reliable third-party logistics provider to ensure on-time deliveries is what Khong believes has contributed to higher sales for her online business over the past two years. By ensuring By Invite Only customers in Singapore receive their handcrafted jewellery right to their doorstep within one to three days, the brand is able to offer an elevated brand experience key to any online brand. International customers on the other hand, are given full transparency over their parcels with efficient delivery times.

Khong added, “The service quality of our delivery service provider does impact our customers’ purchase decision. Convenience is exceptionally important to consumers these days and they are willing to pay that premium. With J&T Express’ reliable door-to-door courier service both at home and abroad, customers have greater confidence in ordering our products from our online store.”


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