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Le Bono Collection



Open communication and reliability are the cornerstones of the successful relationship between Le Bono Collection and J&T Express Singapore. 

Le Bono Collection is a purveyor of sustainable and organic wellness products, selling a wide range of products including food, homewares, and supplements on its online platform. With a lean team in Singapore supporting the operations of Le Bono Collection, Founder and Director Scott Larsen were seeking a solution that would allow him to continue juggling the various hats he wore without compromising the quality of service he wanted to deliver his customers. This search led him to J&T Express Singapore in late-2019, engaging the team as the company’s third-party logistics provider, primarily to support the online business in the areas of warehousing and delivery.


A reliable team that provides flexibility and freedom

Larsen attributes the success of Le Bono Collection’s strong relationship with J&T Express Singapore to the reliability and accountability of the account managers overseeing his brand. He says, “The account managers at J&T Express are great listeners and are always open to my feedback. I appreciate that I always see tangible differences in service quality following the regular meetings with my account managers.”

Most importantly, the J&T Express team provided exceptional service and transparent communication at a time when most supply chains were being upended by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That, to me, speaks volumes of a third-party solutions provider that truly cares for their customers,” Larsen highlighted.

According to Larsen, outsourcing Le Bono Collection’s logistics to the dependable team at J&T Express Singapore has also provided him with the freedom and flexibility to travel – something he truly values as a serial entrepreneur with several other ventures at once.

Maximising partnership for growth

Beyond logistics, J&T Express also integrated Le Bono Collection’s back-end technology with the platforms of key online marketplaces. J&T Express’ suite of core offerings and close relationships with the marketplaces made the listing of Le Bono Collection’s products on these online channels a seamless process. Today, Le Bono Collection is able to reach and engage a wider online market.

Larsen added, “The overall architecture of J&T Express’ technology for brand owners is excellent. I have thoroughly enjoyed this partnership and am looking to tap into their cross-border shipping expertise next.”


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