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The most cost-effective option, consistent delivery in a timely fashion, mostly good reporting on issues with delivery, attentive customer rep. Thanks, guys!
Two Oak
myAvatar (1)
J&T Express personnel are dedicated professionals that go the extra mile to assure that customers' needs are satisfied in order for me as a customer to grow my businesses. Happy Easter and Stay Safe
Direct Link
The overall architecture of J&T Express’ technology for brand owners is excellent. I have thoroughly enjoyed this partnership and am looking to tap into their cross-border shipping expertise next.
Scott Larsen
Le Bono Collection
avataaars (1)
Competitive prices and excellent staff attitudes compared to other courier providers
Board Gamery
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Professional and reliable partners. Thank you.
Prism+ Singapore
0 (2)
Prompt and efficient service. Pricing is competitive too.
Qing Wen

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