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Fulfilment & Warehousing

With Premium 4-Hour Express Delivery  





Delight Your Customers



Unlimited Potential. 

* 4-Hour Express Delivery service is exclusive to our fulfilment clients.


Reliable 4 Hours

Served with priority, your parcels will be delivered to consumers' doorstep within 4 hours.


Easy Charging Method

We charge by actual weight only, with no extra and hidden surcharge island-wide.


Utmost Customer Care

Get supported by our specialised customer service and dedicated seller support team.


Tech-Powered API

Ensure a seamless order flow with API integrations with our WMS system and major e-commerce platforms.


From Fulfilment to 4-Hour Express

The ever streamlined workflow from the shelf directly to your customers' doorstep within 4 hours.



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4-Hour Express:

Explore Unparalleled Opportunities 

In today’s fast-paced world where every second counts, speed and efficiency are crucial for consumers as well as businesses. Embrace the 4-Hour Express Delivery to:


bulletpoint-Red-Tick Drive your customer satisfaction by meeting ever-changing consumer needs.

bulletpoint-Red-TickEstablish a new business model to differentiate yourself from other competitors. 

bulletpoint-Red-TickTap into a new consumer market and ultimately grow your online businesses.



Embark on the Infinite Growth

In Singapore where land and labour are cost-intensive, a one-stop e-Commerce service provider can help you manage your fulfilment and scale your business.


bulletpoint-Red-Tick Save the cost on shipping, storage, and manpower. 

bulletpoint-Red-Tick Channel your efforts to focus more on business strategy, product development, sales and marketing.

bulletpoint-Red-TickManage inventory storage, picking and packaging, pick-ups and shipping easily and efficiently at one place.


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Frugal Fitness - Online retailer of sports nutrition supplements – Frugal  Fitness SG

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Using a single, specialised e-commerce logistics vendor makes it convenient for us when we need to quickly resolve issues or consult the team for advice. It saves us the time of having to contact multiple providers to resolve a single issue.
Malcolm Lim
Thanks to your order fulfilment team who works diligently and effectively. They never hesitate to go extra miles and counter check with us when they have any issues during inbounding so as to ensure the inbounding would be accurate and efficient.
The overall architecture of J&T Express’ technology for brand owners is excellent. I have thoroughly enjoyed this partnership.
Scott Larsen
Le Bono

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