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[Press] J&T Celebrates 4 Years of Excellence and Success in Singapore

17 Jan, 2024 11:50:23 AM

J&T Express Singapore reaffirms its commitment to excellence in logistics and aims to continue
innovating and developing partnerships with major players in the fields of e-commerce and social commerce. 
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Singapore, 11 January 2024 – Global logistics service provider, J&T Express Singapore, commemorates four years of steadfast growth and unwavering commitment to excellence in Singapore’s logistics industry. Since its inception, the company has diligently served its customers with excellence, cementing its position as a leading logistics service provider. With an unwavering focus on refining its operations and expanding its extensive network, the company remains resolute in its mission to provide customer-oriented and efficiency-based logistics services to the local community.

The landscape of Southeast Asia's retail e-commerce is experiencing a transformative shift towards sustainable profitability over rampant expansion. Despite this shift, J&T Express Singapore has continued to experience steady growth, with parcel volumes soaring during the year-end sales in 2023 by over 10% compared to the previous year.

"In a landscape where consumers increasingly are turning to omnichannel experience, we understand the vital importance of seamless integration across online and offline touchpoints. To that end, we continuously introduce innovative systems and services that bridge the gap between online and offline retail. As retailers expand their presence across multiple channels, J&T Express pledges to innovate and ensure that our services align precisely with the evolving demands of our valued customers" said Cai Ping, CEO of J&T Express Singapore.

Just in 2023, J&T Express Singapore embarked in key partnerships with major retail marketplaces such as TikTok Shop, Carousell, and SHEIN, further solidifying its position as an expert logistics service provider for ecommerce companies. Strengthening its collaboration with TikTok Shop, the company extended comprehensive support to local sellers, whilst also becoming the inaugural logistics service provider integrated into Carousell Singapore platform.

To meet the increasingly complex logistical needs of omnichannel retailers, J&T Express Singapore launched its B2B Transportation service with upgraded B2B Fulfilment solutions, an all-in-one delivery solution to streamline the supply chain for businesses in addition to its current e-commerce logistics services. Armed with guaranteed next-day delivery and doorstep pickup options, the newly launched ‘Premium+ Delivery’ service aims to empower businesses to address logistical challenges and enhance their customer’s experience. Beyond that, J&T Express Singapore also introduced a series of new features to its flagship mobile, J&T Singapore App, to include a brand-new and more user-friendly interface.

In celebration with the 4th anniversary, J&T Express Singapore launched a New Year Super Sale for new direct customers to enjoy exclusive discount on shipping fees starting from $2.80 (T&Cs apply) during 9 January 2024 to 9 February 2024.

Moving forward, J&T Express Singapore remains committed to fortifying its operational capabilities, enhancing efficiency, and reinforcing a resilient supply chain network. This dedication aims to support partners and facilitate seamless hybrid shopping experiences, affirming its commitment to adaptability and progress in a shifting market landscape.

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Written by J&T Marketing Team