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Seven eCommerce pricing strategies to consider

By J&T Marketing Team on 7 Jul, 2020 5:20:04 PM

In Southeast Asia, eCommerce has opened up the regional marketplace to big and small players alike. It has opened up paths for solopreneurship, and given small businesses the chance to compete with large brands without spending on a brick-and-mortar shop in a prime location.

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The top four ways to communicate with your customers

By J&T Marketing Team on 7 Jul, 2020 1:15:19 PM

Most eCommerce entrepreneurs channel their efforts into getting sales. But what happens after customers place their orders?

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What's the best method to ship your items overseas?

By J&T Marketing Team on 2 Jul, 2020 12:24:10 PM

Cross-border eCommerce—defined as the selling of goods online from one country to another—is the next frontier for online merchants in Southeast Asia. According to Mordor Intelligence, Southeast Asia’s cross-border eCommerce sales account for more than 40% of the region’s eCommerce market, which itself is predicted to surge to US$150 billion by 2025—US$50 billion more than previous forecasts. 

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Multichannel retailing: Which channels should you use?

By J&T Marketing Team on 2 Jul, 2020 10:34:45 AM


When it comes to shopping, there are several steps in the journey from browsing to purchase. In fact, research from Facebook and Bain & Company revealed that while 54% of digital consumers in Southeast Asia discover products via social media, 33% still check physical stores before making a purchase. 

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Order fulfilment: Keep it local or go regional?

By J&T Marketing Team on 1 Jul, 2020 11:46:32 AM

Working in eCommerce is like conducting a full orchestra: all orders across multiple channels must be picked, packed, and shipped on time—all day, every day! Timing is crucial: the longer a customer waits for their parcel(s) to arrive at their doorstep, the higher their anxiety (and dissatisfaction with you!) goes.

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Why does your eCommerce business need integrated logistics?

By J&T Marketing Team on 16 Jan, 2020 2:55:44 PM

Most eCommerce entrepreneurs make two big mistakes in the early stages of their business. First, they think they can DIY the entire process, and routinely choose and switch up who they’ll work with from product ordering to the actual parcel delivery.

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