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The ultimate guide to international shipping in Southeast Asia

By J&T Marketing Team on 15 Feb, 2021 2:51:22 PM

Cross-border eCommerce in Southeast Asia is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years. Singapore and Malaysia alone account for more than 50% of the total cross-border eCommerce market in the region, and 55% of all online transactions in Singapore involve overseas sellers. 

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18 min read

The essential guide to last-mile delivery in Southeast Asia

By J&T Marketing Team on 30 Dec, 2020 1:29:53 PM

While Covid-19 is undoubtedly a massive public health crisis with equally significant economic repercussions, it has also been a watershed moment for modern supply chain management. The coronavirus pandemic has presented a rare worst-case scenario where organisations can observe how well their systems and processes adapt to acute disruption and stress. It has also highlighted the importance of investing in supply chain continuity to support stronger long-term operations. 

Topics: Last Mile Delivery
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Drive 11.11 sales and win a $1000 Shopee voucher!

By J&T Marketing Team on 5 Nov, 2020 8:31:30 PM

Are you ready for 11.11?

Ship with J&T Express on Shopee. Stand to win Flash Deal slots, advertising credits and  Shopee vouchers!

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Boost Sales on Shopee with $5 Vouchers

By J&T Marketing Team on 30 Sep, 2020 4:00:00 PM

Starting from 21 September to 10 October, if you select J&T Express as your shipping partner, your customers can enjoy $5 off $50 minimum spend.

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7 min read

Understanding the eCommerce tax regulations in SouthEast Asia (2020)

By J&T Marketing Team on 6 Aug, 2020 6:00:00 AM

Today, we will talk about every entrepreneur’s favourite topic: taxes!

Topics: eCommerce Insights
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Nine examples of successful eCommerce stores on Shopee

By J&T Marketing Team on 26 Jul, 2020 7:30:00 PM

Southeast Asia is one of the most exciting places today to be an online seller. With a growing middle class, a tech-savvy population, and an Internet economy expected to reach US$300 billion by 2025, the region is poised for an eCommerce boom. And e-marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada, and Tokopedia are making it easier for solopreneurs and businesses to capture a share of the online market.

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