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[Press] J&T Express Launches Network in Brazil

25 May, 2022 9:38:18 AM

J&T Express Launches Network in Brazil to Continue its Expansion in Latin America.

J&T Express Brazil launched its operation officially

SINGAPORE, 24 MAY 2022  - J&T Express, an international express logistics company, announced that it has officially launched its network in Brazil. This is another major step in J&T's expansion in the Latin American market, following the company's launch of the network in Mexico. With the market entry in Brazil, J&T Express has successfully established its presence in two of the largest economies in Latin America and expanded its global delivery network to 12 countries in Asia and Latin America.

Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country by land area. It is also the largest economy in Latin America with the biggest and most developed e-commerce market in the region. According to The Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm), in 2021, e-commerce sales in Brazil grew 74% compared to 2019. The rapidly growing e-commerce market presents significant opportunities for the express logistics industry, and J&T Express has established its distribution network across Brazil, covering all 26 states and one federal district.

Charles Hou, Group Vice President of J&T Express, said "Being part of a new generation of express logistics companies with an increased focus on internationalisation, J&T Express is committed to providing users with more efficient and convenient services through our growing global operation network. J&T Express attaches great importance to expanding in the Latin American market and the launch in Brazil is an integral step in having a presence in the region. The success of the networks launched in Mexico and Brazil within a short time frame further demonstrates the benefits of the regional sponsorship model in our global expansion. It is also an important step for the company to continue to further cultivate emerging markets and expand its strategic global footprint."


Andy Wang, Head of J&T Express Brazil, said "Compared to countries and regions with well-established e-commerce and logistics businesses, the Brazilian market is developing rapidly with a great potential for further growth. We believe J&T Express is well-positioned to leverage its determination and capabilities in building local operations to establish a refined service network in Brazil and provide local customers with an efficient, convenient and quality logistics experience. Meanwhile, we also partnered with J&T International to provide one-stop cross-border services to e-commerce merchants, which primarily include custom clearance, overseas warehousing and last-mile delivery. "

Andrew Sim, CEO of J&T Express Singapore, said, “The expansion of J&T Express’ global network coverage to include Brazil is a strategic move that will help bring greater opportunities for J&T Express’ customers in Singapore, in line with the government’s recent announcement to build new trade linkages to Latin America. By opening new doors for our customers in the growing Latin American market, we hope to enable them to ride on the growing wave of e-commerce internationally beyond Asia.”

Tapping on Singapore’s strategic location and ambition to be a regional e-commerce hub, J&T Express is also expanding its network in Singapore as part of its internationalisation strategy, with service points such as J&T points and new warehouses like the Changi Airfreight Center to ensure greater efficiency and security of quality delivery services offered to both local and regional customers.

Leveraging technology and our experiences in the global market, we have further expanded our global footprint to deliver better customer experiences through our network and services. J&T Express' network now spans twelve countries including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Brazil, and serves over 2 billion people.


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Written by J&T Marketing Team