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Different types of international shipping, explained

By J&T Marketing Team on 22 Jul, 2020 12:30:00 PM

Cross-border shipping may be tricky in the eCommerce industry. Costs can differ largely due to its dimension and weight but more importantly on the method, declared value and receipient addresses. If these are not well-taken care of, there may be a sudden cost spike and result in a lost sale and a unhappy customer.

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What's the best method to ship your items overseas?

By J&T Marketing Team on 2 Jul, 2020 12:24:10 PM

Cross-border eCommerce—defined as the selling of goods online from one country to another—is the next frontier for online merchants in Southeast Asia. According to Mordor Intelligence, Southeast Asia’s cross-border eCommerce sales account for more than 40% of the region’s eCommerce market, which itself is predicted to surge to US$150 billion by 2025—US$50 billion more than previous forecasts. 

Topics: International Shipping