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[Press Release] J&T Express celebrates two years in Singapore

12 Jan, 2022 3:33:01 PM

J&T EXPRESS CELEBRATES TWO YEARS IN SINGAPORE: Since the official launch of our operations in Singapore on 9th January 2020, J&T Express Singapore has experienced significant growth and progress, including expansion of our logistics network, fleet size, team size, along with the development of our technology and suite of solutions.


SINGAPORE, 11 JANUARY 2022 – International express logistics company J&T Express celebrated its second anniversary in Singapore on 9th January 2022, recording two years of exponential growth and progress, including a year-on-year double-digit growth for parcel volumes, and an approximately three-fold increase in the total size of all its warehouses.

Tapping into Singapore’s potential as a regional logistics hub, J&T Express established its operations in the country in January 2020, and has since accelerated its growth plans and invested significantly into its infrastructure. Starting off with just one sorting hub, the company now operates two sorting hubs across Singapore, a fulfilment centre at Penjuru and a warehouse at the Changi Airfreight Centre, and has also expanded its fleet four-fold.

In addition to its infrastructure development, J&T Express has been actively growing its talent pool across the various departments in Singapore to continue driving success, including building new roles and upskilling employees through regular training programmes. Since 2020, J&T Express’ Singapore team has grown six-fold across a diverse range of roles such as software development, data analytics and automation.

Andrew Sim, CEO of J&T Express Singapore, said, “J&T Express is in a unique position of not only playing the role of a logistics provider, but also serving as a one-stop e-commerce specialist across each and every touchpoint in the supply chain. Our tremendous growth and fast-paced expansion in Singapore reflects the shift we have seen in the market with an increasing number of Singaporeans embracing e-commerce.”

With technology and innovation as its strategic priorities, J&T Express continues to strengthen its capabilities to improve operational efficiency and service quality. This includes upgrading its system of operations management, enhancing the technology support for seamless e-commerce experiences, and further optimising its fulfilment and warehousing solutions. In May 2021, the J&T Express mobile app was also launched to enable consumers and small business owners to arrange for door-to-door delivery in just a few clicks.

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J&T Fashion Week 2021

J&T Express is also committed to supporting the growth of its e-commerce partners and Singapore’s e-commerce industry as a whole. As part of its efforts, the company launched its inaugural virtual J&T Fashion Week in August 2021 to provide a public platform for local e-commerce businesses to reach a wider audience, successfully helping them reach 3 million Singaporean consumers through online platforms.

Looking ahead, as e-commerce becomes more cross-border, J&T Express aims to invest further in growing its network to help its customers reach wider markets, building on its current suite of offerings which includes international shipping to over 220 countries and regions worldwide.

Mr Sim noted that as customers increasingly expect businesses to adapt to their needs and challenges, it is crucial that J&T Express continues to introduce new services and solutions that can meet the latest market demands.

He added, “We are proud to be one of the key partners of Pick Network and the Locker Alliance, which will help us further enhance our last-mile delivery services. We are also excited to have launched J&T Points, an island-wide network of service points that provides sellers greater flexibility by enabling them to drop off parcels at their own convenience and receive real-time tracking. Moving ahead, we look forward to expanding this network to provide even greater access to all Singaporeans.”

Reflecting on J&T’s achievements over the last two years in Singapore, Mr Sim said, “J&T Express prides itself in being at the forefront of the industry, enabled by our focus on leveraging technology to advance our offerings, as well as our customer-first approach to be the partner of choice. We look forward to further driving our efforts in the market, strengthening our position as a one-stop e-commerce solutions specialist and constantly evolving and improving our services with a focus on agility and innovation.”


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Written by J&T Marketing Team