4 min read

How can you save money on eCommerce fulfilment?

By J&T Marketing Team on 20 Jul, 2020 12:30:00 PM

With approximately three-quarters of Internet users in Singapore shopping online, going into eCommerce makes sense because that’s where the action is. Selling online also means fewer overhead costs like store rental, but there are still expenses to be incurred at every stage. You will definitely need to spend some money to make money—just like any other business. 

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5 min read

Order fulfilment: Keep it local or go regional?

By J&T Marketing Team on 1 Jul, 2020 11:46:32 AM

Working in eCommerce is like conducting a full orchestra: all orders across multiple channels must be picked, packed, and shipped on time—all day, every day! Timing is crucial: the longer a customer waits for their parcel(s) to arrive at their doorstep, the higher their anxiety (and dissatisfaction with you!) goes.

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